Best Vegetable Garden Hacks That Need No Garden Space

Best Vegetable Garden Hacks That Need No Garden Space

With the growing population and expansion of development from the urban center to the rural areas, land space has been occupied mostly with buildings leaving no space for small household farming of vegetables. 

To those living in urban areas, the expense of buying vegetables and such things seems like whole trouble. This might not be because you cannot prepare your own vegetable garden but because there is no yard space for you to practice that.

However, knowing simple vegetable gardening tips that need no land space may save you from such trouble. 

Here are simple small garden hacks that may help you create your own vegetable garden:

Use of containers

Container gardening model.

Container gardening is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of growing vegetables. This can be practiced anywhere despite the space and location of your building. If you have no yard space or garden to grow your vegetables, using containers may be the best way to solve that problem. 

All you need is a well spacious open container – the larger the container the better space a plant will get to grow. Also, larger containers can retain water for a longer time. With good drainage, create holes in your container to enable healthy penetration of roots.

Best possible soil? Direct soil from the garden may not be suitable for container gardening as it may put your plants at risk of contracting diseases. Instead, prefer to use a soilless mix of quick draining and lightweight soil.

Place your container at a suitable place. Every crop needs sunlight for healthier growth. So it is advisable to have your container at a suitable place that your vegetables are able to access sunlight.

The suitable containers for gardening are plastic containers as they are able to keep moisture for a long time.

Importance of container gardens

Containers are great for they are versatile, space-saving, and allow you to be more efficient in your use of resources.

Bag Gardening

A bag garden.

A bag garden is another simplest way to start a home vegetable garden that gives a solution to your vegetable headache. Bag gardening is inexpensive and gives high-yielding food security. With no land space, one can practice it.

For you to have your own bag gardening, all you need to do is;
– Get a sack and fill it will soil 

– You will need to mix thoroughly the soil and manure 

– Ensure to cut small holes around the sack-well spaced to allow penetration of roots 

– The sack should be filled to the middle and remain straight. 

– Wet the bag with 30 liters of water and start planting on the sides of the bag 

– If you have a small garden space or live in an apartment with a balcony or rooftop, you may use that space for container gardening or bag gardening.

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