CPA Julius Ruto: I Want To Bring an All-Inclusive Leadership to Kesses

CPA Julius Ruto: I Want To Bring an All-Inclusive Leadership to Kesses

Born and bred in the rural village of Kesses, in Uasin Gishu County, CPA Julius Ruto considers himself as a son of the constituency who is ready to join hands with the locals so that they can rise together.

CPA Ruto, currently the Uasin Gishu County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Finance and Economic Planning is among a number of aspirants that will be vying for the Kesses parliamentary seat in the upcoming general election.

For the CECM, he desires to ensure the constituency has a leadership that is all-inclusive – giving opportunity to everybody – without fear or favor.

Until December 2017, CPA Ruto had no experience in public service, but with the four years he has held one of the key positions in the Uasin Gishu County Government, he believes he has gained sufficient experience that will guide his leadership as an MP.

“During my service, it has been a learning experience having been my first public office. The position has proved an avenue to showcase my knowledge in financial issues,” the CECM said in an exclusive interview with Uasin Gishu News.

Kesses MP aspirant CPA Julius Ruto.

CPA Ruto studied his secondary school at Arnesen before doing Accounting by sitting for Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) exams as “at that time, I did not have money to go to college.”

He holds a degree in Finance and Banking from Moi University and a Master’s in Finance and Accounting which he acquired from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

The CECM points out that through engagement with locals in the constituency while delivering his mandate, he has been able to identify the needs of the people in the constituency.

“I was born in Kesses location in a village called Cheboiwo and being a leader from that area, I know the needs of the people and this is why I am seeking to take up the role of serving them,” noted CPA Ruto.

So what are his priority areas for the people of Kesses?


CPA Ruto notes that a majority of schools in the constituency are ill-equipped, and he will be seeking to ensure a most, if not all of the schools are well equipped with among others laboratories.

CPA Ruto.

“There are few well-equipped schools in Kesses, giving our children less competitiveness compared to others. Buses, infrastructure, and labs are the areas my leadership will focus on because with the technological advancement and addressing human needs – our schools lack basic infrastructure,” noted the MP aspirant.

He also notes that he will put more emphasis on fair disbursement of bursaries for the less fortunate, noting that in the past leadership, the process has been skewed.

“I want to bring out an all-inclusive leadership when it comes to bursaries so that only more qualified children benefit. I will ensure transparency where the people will choose on who gets the bursaries,” he noted.

Youth empowerment

CPA Ruto agrees to the fact that the youth today are facing many challenges among them unemployment and the few opportunities available – many don’t know about them.

It is for this reason that he plans to set up an internal bureau where all information about youths can be stored and whenever opportunities come up, they will be linked to them.

“At times opportunities are concentrated on one side but with this bureau, it will be easier to link youths with relevant job openings,” noted the Uasin Gishu Finance CECM.


Uasin Gishu is an agricultural county and Kesses is well known for among others potato farming. CPA Ruto says his leadership will focus on transforming the sector to a profitable venture and a source of employment – which will untimely address massive rural-urban migration.

CPA Ruto during an interview with Uasin Gishu News in Eldoret.

To ensure farmers get the best out of their hard work, he says value addition in potatoes, milk among others is the way to go.

“We will invest in equipment that will facilitate value addition, and this will be made possible by first ensuring every farmer is in a SACCO,” said CPA Ruto.

With Uasin Gishu being the home to Deputy President William Ruto, the Finance CECM says he will be seeking the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) ticket to vie for the seat.

He believes it’s all about the best person getting the ticket – in a free and fair party primary.

“Your own son has come, let’s rise together. I guarantee Kesses will change, I’m bringing leadership for the people, and by people where needs are given priority,” noted CPA Julius Ruto.

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