Koti Moja and his supporters at a past rally

Resident Wants ‘Koti Statue’ Constructed in Eldoret Town


A youth leader in Uasin Gishu County has initiated a process he hopes will culminate in the construction of a statue in Eldoret town.

Michael Kirwa alias ‘Waziri Bila Kazi’ says he is pushing for the county government to set up a ‘Koti Statue’ which will serve as a structure to highlight the legacy of the current governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim ‘Koti Moja’.

Speaking to Uasin Gishu News, Kirwa notes that the statue of the coat will have multiple pockets – all representing various programs that Governor Bii has initiated.

Michael Kirwa, alias Waziri Bila Kazi at a last interview.

How many pockets in the coat?

A pocket at the chest has been proposed to represent Bii’s development blue print – Nguzo Kumi Manifesto with one of the two pockets at the lower end of the coat representing ‘Koti Fund’.

The other pocket will be for Kirwa’s initiative of creating 1,440 jobs to the hustlers.

There is also a pocket inside the coat which the Uasin Gishu youth leader says will be dedicated to the County first lasy.

We have the Mama Pocket which will be dedicated to the spouse of the governor to represent women empowerment programs that the county or the first lady might initiate,” Kirwa said on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

The Koti Statue’ is an idea still being fine-tuned with Kirwa hoping to meet the governor over the same.

A sketch of the Koti Statue being develotby Michael Kirwa.
A sketch of the Koti Statue being developed by Michael Kirwa.

Should he succeed in meeting the county boss, the Eldoret local will also be proposing that he adopts Sosiani River and rehabilitate it under the tag ‘One River: The Pride of Eldoret’.

As he plans to meet Governor Bii over the ‘Koti Statue’ legacy plan, Kirwa notes that one of the questions he will hope getting answers to is – How Mamy Pockets will be on the coat?

Governor Bii gained popularity during the 2022 general election after turning insults from competitors of always donning one coat to his advantage after adopting ‘Koti Moja’ as his campaign tag.

The tag managed to convince voters to perceive the county boss as one they can easily relate to, and access – subsequently helping him win the UDA nominations in a tight contest and eventually the general election to be the second Uasin Gishu Governor.

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