Power Liquor pub
Power Liquor pub

Kitale: NOREC Residents Want Popular Bar’s License Revoked, Shut Down

A section of residents in the NOREC area within Kibomet on the outskirts of Kitale town has called on the County Government of Trans Nzoia through the Trade Department to revoke the license of Power Liquor pub and shut it down.

The locals accuse the entertainment joint of operating in a residential area.

Speaking to the media, the agitated residents further claimed the pub operates beyond the stipulated time aside from promoting immorality, playing loud disturbing music and exposing children to unacceptable behaviour.

Alexin Opara who is one of the locals in the NOREC area said she has been forced to close her maize milling business because her customers left over customers of the said pub using her posho mill as lodging at night.

I used to have several customers here but they have all left after realizing that there are people who trespass into my posho mill and engage in sexual intercourse whenever I leave the door open,” Opara said.

Used condoms

In addition, she noted that parents live in fear over the safety of their children who have been picking used condoms and blowing them thinking they are balloons.

Our children are so innocent to an extent that some of them normally pick used condoms and blow them thinking they are balloons. This is very dangerous because they may contract infections,” she added.

Some of the NOREC residents addressing the media. Photo/Kipkorir Tarus.
Some of the NOREC residents addressing the media. Photo/Kipkorir Tarus.

Kajay Adhiambo one of the tenants in a residential plot in the area said the pub has led to a rise in cases of Sexual and Gender based violence as well as families’ breakdown.

Drunken men are said to have failed to perform their conjugal duties.

My husband is a boda boda rider. He comes back home as late as 3:00 am in the morning and whenever I ask why he comes late he says he has been busy picking and dropping customers at Power Liquor. Sometimes he gets violent to the extent of assaulting me, actually, I have scars on my body,” Adhiambo said.

Tenants relocating

Margaret Wochina, a landlady in that area said the pub is a threat to their livelihoods because tenants are relocating to other safe places.

She said the presence of the pub also poses a serious security threat and tenants fear being attacked.

My chickens have been stolen. I have also lost some of my tenants because of this pub. Rent is my source of income, as an old woman who will help?” Mochina asked.

Patrick Ndirangu, also a resident expressed worry that there is a looming health crisis if the pub is not closed down or relocated to a commercial area.

It appears that the county did not do an assessment before issuing the license and business permit because there are no toilets. Here, people practice open defecation and urination and soon we shall have waterborne diseases,” Ndirangu said.

They called on the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to chip in and act swiftly to deter outbreaks of diseases.

Constitutional rights

The residents also appealed to the county government to shut down all mushrooming wine and spirits joints in residential areas and around learning institutions.

In November 2018, Justice Chacha Mwita ruled that allowing bars and liquor-selling businesses within residential areas violates the residents’ right to live in a dignified and healthy environment, a Constitutional right enshrined in Article 42 of the Constitution of Kenya.

Justice Mwita further ruled that selling liquor in residential areas violates residents’ right to privacy guaranteed under Article 31 of the Constitution.

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