NCPB Reviews Maize Price Following Uproar from Farmers

The National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) has reviewed the price of maize for farmers delivering at their depots across the country.

This follows an uproar from farmers that had rejected the previous price of Ksh2,350 per 90 kilograms bag.

While rejecting the price, the farmers, mostly from the North Rift – the country’s food basket said the price set was too low, compared to the cost of production.

They have demanded the upward review of the price to at least Ksh3,000 per 90-kilogram bag.

But according to the latest review, NCPB says it will be purchasing maize from farmers at Ksh2,700 per bag.

“Are you a commercial maize farmer looking to sell your yield? We have good news for you, #NCPB is currently buying maize at the price of Ksh.2,700 per 90kg bag. For more Information visit your nearest NCPB office,” read a post on the NCPB official Facebook page.

The cereals board opened its doors for farmers to start delivering maize at their depots a few months ago.

NCPB is also receiving produce from farmers under the warehouse receipting system where owners of commodities deposit their commodities in a certified warehouse and are issued with a document of title called a Warehouse Receipt as proof of ownership.

The document can be used to access finances.

The system was established in an attempt to reduce post-harvest losses from 40 percent to 10 cent. Currently, postharvest losses in Kenya stand at 30 – 40 percent due to on-farm shortages.

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