Top 5 Nyama Choma Spots in Eldoret

Top 5 Nyama Choma Spots in Eldoret

Nyama Choma is a specialty of grilled goat meat that ranks highly among popular meals in Kenya.

The expression Nyama Choma is basically a Swahili phrase that translates to Barbecue Meat.

If you’re a fan of eating Nyama Choma, then I guess you will always want to get a taste of this meal in a serene environment, and well roasted – I mean soft one – sio ile ngumu kama mawe.

For an individual that lives in or around Eldoret town, here are some of the top Nyama Chom spots;

The White Highlands Inn Eldoret

If you find yourself around the Eldoret CBD and you’re looking for a place to take a quick lunch of Nyama Choma, The White Highlands Inn Eldoret is a perfect destination for you.

It is located a walking distance from the CBD in a leafy compound with a serene environment.

You can enjoy your Nyama Choma from either a spacious dining room or one of the two bars –the fully stocked inside bar with a variety of wines, spirits, and other drinks and the outside bar, perfect for sports lovers who want to watch a match in a serene spot.

Eka Hotel Eldoret

Conveniently located at Rupa’s Mall, left-wing in Eldoret town, Eka Hotel’s tranquil location forms a homely and formal setting ideal for both leisure and business.

Nyama Choma.

If money is not a problem for you, be sure to have a taste of Nyama Choma at this luxurious hotel.

The Noble Hotel and Conference Center Eldoret

For a Nyama Choma home-away-from-home experience – far away from the noises of the busy Eldoret town, choose The Noble Hotel and Conference Center Eldoret.

This is a three-star hotel located in Kapsoya estate, just 3 kilometers from the Central Business District (CBD).

Villagio Auto Spa and Grill Eldoret

It has a family-friendly environment with wonderful local delicacies served with both local and exotic drinks, be sure, you will love their Nyama Choma.

Villagio Auto Spa and Grill Eldoret is located along Eldoret-Kisumu road at Chinese, near Racecourse Hospital.

For those with cars, you can have it cleaned here as you enjoy Nyama Choma.

Belasco Lounge, Eldoret

For the guys who like taking their Nyama Choma within the CBD without the hassle of having to drive/travel outside, Belasco Lounge, Eldoret is your perfect pick.

Located at the heart of Eldoret town center, Belasco Lounge is known not only for clubbing and pool fun but also Nyama Choma.

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