Be Honest In Fight against Tribalism, Sudi Hits Back In Row with Mandago

Be Honest In Fight against Tribalism, Sudi Hits Back In Row with Mandago

Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi is now challenging individuals criticizing his stand over Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago’s bid to vie for the Senate seat in 2022, to be honest in their fight against tribalism.

Sudi had over the weekend told Mandago to shelve his Senatorial ambitions and join Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential campaign trail – utterances that have since sparked a political storm.

“Mandago atoke aende aombe kura western, eastern…azunguke kama wanaume wengine, hii ya hapa aachie hawa vijana,” he said.

Sudi at a past rally in Eldoret town.

Mandago, immediately hit back at the MP, accusing him of attempting to decide for the locals on the kind of leaders they need – contrary to democracy that dictates that voters elect leaders they want.

“The decision of who becomes a leader is made by the people, not an individual. Next time you see him (Sudi) talking about planning this county, tell him to focus his energy in Kapseret,” the governor said.

But as the debate rages on as to whether Mandago should vie for the Senate seat or not, Sudi now says the issue has been tribalized, with the renewal of the 2017 gubernatorial contest that saw Mandago face-off with billionaire businessman Bundotich Zedekiah Kiprop alias Buzeki.

Buzeki had managed to get the support of the Non-Kalenjin voters with Mandago enjoying support from the majority Kalenjin community.

Mandago and Sudi during a past event.

The vocal legislator now admits his recent stand might have reignited supremacy battles between the Kalenjin and Non-Kalenjin voters in Uasin Gishu – a county that is largely cosmopolitan.

“I know many Non-Kalenjins are asking themselves what I said recently said about an issue in Uasin Gishu County. I will try find an avenue to translate it but I ask leaders to be honest in the fight against tribalism. Many appear to condemn it but their hearts speak otherwise. Wakenya mjichunge sana na mbwa mwitu wanaovalia ngozi ya kondoo,” Sudi posted on his official Facebook page.

When expressing opposition to Mandago’s interest in the Senate seat, the MP who is a close ally of Deputy President William Ruto, spoke largely in the native language.

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