DP Ruto Pledges NHIF for All, Youth Employment, Financial Support for SMEs during Eldoret Rally

DP Ruto Pledges NHIF for All, Youth Employment, Financial Support for SMEs during Eldoret Rally

Deputy President William Ruto has outlined his agenda for Kenya if elected president in the August 9, 2022 polls.

Ruto who spoke at the Eldoret Sports Club, during a rally that was used to launch his presidential campaigns outlines some of the areas his government will be focusing on.

One of the major promises that the DP made was ensuring every Kenyan aged above 18 years is enrolled in the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

“Before the end of the year, every Kenyan above 18 years will have NHIF and everyone will pay according to his/her ability,” Ruto said.

Photo Source: William Ruto/Twitter

But for those with no financial capability to pay for NHIF, the DP said the government will pay for them.

Youth Employment

Ruto admitted that there were many jobless Kenyans, especially the youth, an issue he promised to address immediately he form the next government.

He said his government will allocate Ksh100 billion to facilitate among others financial support in housing, manufacturing, agro-processing, which will, in turn, create job opportunities.

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“There are over four million Kenyans who have certificates, diplomas, and degrees but are not employed. This year, we will leverage a trillion shillings from partners and friends to invest in housing, value addition manufacturing, and agro-processing to give jobs to our young people,” Ruto said.

Support to SMEs

Bottom-up has been an economic model that DP Ruto is popularizing, with a pledge of forming a government that takes care of the common mwananchi like bodaboda operators and mama mbogas.

Photo Source: William Ruto/Twitter

And to ensure his dream comes true, he says Ksh50 billion will be set aside to support Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Ruto dismissed ODM leader Raila Odinga’s promise to give every family Ksh6,000 for social support.

In the Agriculture sector, the DP promised to allocate sufficient funds that will also help lower the cost of production.

He said should he form the government, fertilizer prices will drop by half, from the current over Ksh6,000 to Ksh2,500 per bag.

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With the failure of the Big Four Agenda that was initiated by the Jubilee government, Ruto says it is a pledge made to Kenyans and that he will work on fully implementing it.

The Big Four Agenda aimed at focusing on Universal Health Care, Agriculture, Manufacturing and Housing.

Photo Source: William Ruto/Twitter.

“Even if Uhuru is retiring, Big Four Agenda is a promise we made to Kenyans and I will see to it that it is paid,” Ruto said.

He further named tarmacking of new roads, the connection of electricity to 8.5 million households, and construction of 170 Technical Training Institutions (TTIs) as some of the successes of the Jubilee government – before the handshake messed up the plan with the constitutional change agenda.

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