North Rift Artists Plan Concerts, Talk Shows in Schools

North Rift Artists Plan Concerts, Talk Shows in Schools

A group of musicians from the North Rift region has revealed plans to roll out an ambitious initiative aimed at addressing some of the vices being witnessed among students.

The group led by their coordinator William Getumbe says under the initiative, they will conduct concerts and talk shows, which they will use to sensitize students against resorting to violence as a way of airing out their concerns, teenage pregnancies, and drug abuse.

In a media briefing at the Eldoret Media Hub, Getumbe who is a gospel artist noted that they intend to use their influence in society to ensure the students do away with the vices.

Gospel artist William Getumbe at Eldoret Media Hub.

“Condemning these students for burning schools is not a solution to any problem. They are our children and as artists, we have resolved that we will be joining hands with other interested partners knowing very well that their problems are also our problems,” noted the Eldoret-based musician.

The artists called on the Ministry of Education led by Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha to support their initiative which they believe will help address the root cause of the recent wave of unrest in schools.

“When schools are burnt, it is the whole country burning. The important thing for us is to find a way we can help the students do away with the bad habits within them,” noted Getumbe.

Aside from concerts and talk shows, the artists are also planning to engage professional counselors who will step in during the guiding and counseling sessions.

“We don’t want our children to suffer. We want a generational change.”

– Willliam Getumbe, Cordinator North Rift Artists.
A school dormitory burnt.

The Education sector was recently hit with a crisis following a wave of schools unrest that saw students burn dormitories and destroy properties, for a variety of reasons.

Increased cases of unrest forced the Ministry of Education to introduce a mid-term break for the students in the hope it will give them the much-needed break and ease the tension that was growing in schools.

The students are set to resume learning this week after about five days break.

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