Peace Endangered Ahead Of 2022 Polls, NCCK Women Leaders Warn

Peace Endangered Ahead Of 2022 Polls, NCCK Women Leaders Warn

The National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) is planning to roll out an initiative that will see communities sensitized on the need and importance of peace before, during, and after the upcoming 2022 general elections.

NCCK North Rift, South Rift, and Western Kenya women representatives say the initiative is a result of fear that peace might be endangered due to heightened political mobilization that has already made Kenyans anxious.

In a statement issued after a two-day training on mediation for peace in Eldoret town, the NCCK women leaders noted that with anticipated voter bribery, hate-mongering among other intense political activities that are usually witnessed during a campaign period, there is a need for the community to be well educated on peace, cohesion, and unity.

Women who attended the training at a hotel in Eldoret town.

“We are concerned that peace is endangered ahead of 2022. Political mobilization being witnessed has created anxiety among Kenyans with some fearing elections-related violence. Kenyans anticipate tension, voter bribery, hate-mongering and this is what we need to address.”

– NCCK Women Leaders statement.

The statement signed by Canon Jane Lelaina (South Rift), Salina Wekesa (North Rift), and Western Kenya NCCK Women Representative Jane Sibelenje further called on women to take a leading role in helping preach peace, unity, and cohesion.

“We call on women to remember we’re mothers of the nations, we are the ones to nurture and shape the nation. Let’s safeguard the nation. Time has come for us to surround men and protect peaceful coexistence before, during, and after elections.”

– NCCK Women Leaders statement.
Some of the participants and leaders that attended training for Women Mediators.

The NCCK women leaders noted that they have no intentions of supporting any political side, as their interest is to see a peaceful country.

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