Poor Parenting, Politicians to Blame for Unrests in Schools – Eldoret Clergy

Poor Parenting, Politicians to Blame for Unrests in Schools – Eldoret Clergy

A section of religious leaders in Uasin Gishu County has blamed a recent wave of unrest in schools on poor parenting and lack of ethics amongst politicians.

Led by the Uasin Gishu branch chairman of the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) Sheikh Abubakar Bini, the clergy say whatever is being witnessed in schools is the students emulating their parents and politicians.

In a media briefing at the Eldoret Media Hub, Sheikh Bini said the wave of school unrest was worrying and that there was a need for religious leaders and other stakeholders to look for a lasting solution.

CIPK Uasin Gishu chairman Sheikh Abubakar Bini.

“The wave of unrests is caused by poor parenting and politicians who have made things worse with their reckless statements, at times throwing stones and even burning tires in the road. If politicians do these things and the children see them live and or on TV, these are the very same characters they emulate,” noted the CIPK Uasin Gishu boss.

“If we cannot put in measures to address these behaviors among our politicians, the country is heading in the road directing. If the students are burning schools now and causing havoc all over, what will happen tomorrow? Will they not burn the country,” he added.

The religious leaders now want policies put in place that will ensure all politicians known for making reckless and insulting statements that might influence the young generation negatively are barred from vying for elective positions.

Past photo of police dispersing protestors

“The unrests have nothing to do with students being tired. They just returned to school the other day. We must look at ways that will address the root cause of all these problems, and one of them is politicians,” said Sheikh Bini.

The Ministry of Education recently directed all secondary and primary schools to proceed for a 4-day break, in a move that was aimed at addressing the rise in school unrests that had seen a number of schools closed following fire incidences.

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