Moi University to Push for Fee Hike in Bid to Address Financial Woes

Moi University to Push for Fee Hike in Bid to Address Financial Woes

Moi University Management has revealed plans to engage the Ministry of Education and other relevant stakeholders over the possibility of increasing tuition fees for students.

University’s Council Chairman Dr. Humphrey Kimani Njuguna says the only feasible way in which they can address the current financial woes they are facing is through increasing fees.

Dr. Njuguna in a media briefing at Moi University School of Law campus in Annex said the financial crisis they are battling is a result of the government’s shut down of the lucrative parallel.

“By 2015, Moi University had a capacity of 60,000 student enrolment but with the collapse of the parallel program, we now have a student enrolment of 27,000 students.

At that time we would generate Ksh4 to 5 billion but with the collapse, it means we have a shortfall of Ksh5 billion yet the university establishment remain the same – from lectures, non-teaching staff, and other logistics,” he said.

With a decline in its revenues and a drop in government funding, Moi University sees fee increment as one of the ways it can help raise more resources to alleviate the financial situation.

“It is not feasible for universities to charge Ksh16,000 per year for a student when we know some secondary schools charge as much as Ksh100,000. We need to be realistic as Kenyans. The fee must go up if we have to address some of these concerns,” noted Dr. Njuguna.

Moi University staff during a demonstration.

Moi University’s teaching and non-teaching staff have been on strike for the past three days demanding the implementation of a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) which the institution says it has no money to execute.

The university has since been closed indefinitely as a result of the strike.

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  1. agree with the board chair. if you want students to have good facilities and universities run sufficiently, fees paid must be in line with current situation. 16k not tenable

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