Why There Will Always Be That One Person Who Will Ruin Events This Festive Season

Why There Will Always Be That One Person Who Will Ruin Events This Festive Season

You may go for holidays and then have this one person who chronically ruins events and you feel frustrated to understand why. Here are some reasons.

Narcissistic people are attachment disordered and so they’re uncomfortable with emotional clonesness and vulnerability. They, therefore, cause chaos to create distance between themselves and others. It also gives them a perverted sense of control for stressing everyone.

Vacations often require teamwork and cooperation between family members. Most psychologically disordered people lack these team qualities because they involve selflessness and patience. Bloated egos can never put others or the interest of the team first. So they impulsively disrupt unity without caring.

If attention is not centered on them they feel overwhelming envy and jealousy and they react by blowing the whole thing up. They wanted to be the center of everything.

They’re unable to put their personal frustrations aside to allow others to enjoy the moments. They allow their uncontrolled moods to spill over and darken the otherwise bright moments for everyone.

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Finally, there may be a new person who outshines them in charm, money, beauty, or likeability and they overreact with moodiness and anger.

Solution? Don’t let them carry the day. Ignore them and proceed to have your party and photos and moments even when they refuse to cooperate. Ignore their tantrums and demands. Do not bow to their shenanigans.

Cheerful male friends enjoying beer together.
By Benjamin Zulu. Counseling Psychologist, Conference Speaker, and Life Coach

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