‘Kiongozi Ambaye Haongei Mambo ya Mahindi na Mbolea Ataona Kivumbi’, Farmers Warn North Rift Politicians


Maize farmers in the North Rift are now challenging all elected leaders from the region to join hands and ensure they fight for their rights.

The farmers say even though the nation is heading to an electioneering period, the priority of the leaders from Members of County Assemblies (MCAs), Members of Parliament (MPs), Senators, Woman Representatives and Governors from the region considered the country’s food basket should be ‘standing with farmers’.

Farmers are currently up in arms over a low price that the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) recently announced.

This is after NCPB said it will be purchasing a 50-kg bag of maize at Ksh1,305.

But the farmers say the price is too low, and want it reviewed to ksh1,700 due to the high cost of production.

North Rift Cooperatives Movement chairperson David Kiprono Kiberenge

“Politics will be in 2022 but before then, we want our maize bought and fertilizer be made available for us to start preparing for the upcoming planting season,” said North Rift Cooperatives Movement chairperson David Kiprono Kiberenge.

“Nominations and elections will come but for now, we want our leaders from MCAs to Governors to push for our interests,” he added.

Party primaries are expected to be held in April 2022, at the height of planting season and farmers are warning that politicians who will not be seen as not interested in advocating for their issues will face it tough in the primaries.

“Kwa sasa tunaomba viongozi wote wa North Rift waunganike pamoja. Kiongozi yoyote asiye ongea juu ya mahindi na mbolea kabla ya elections ataona kivumbi,” Kiberenge warned.

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